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The crunching sound of snow under your feet.

Enjoy peace and nature going snowshoe walking.

In winter, step out of the front door of the Josef Mountain Resort, fix your snowshoes to your hiking boots and go trudging through the snow. Off on an adventure discovering the fantastic, snow-covered winter wonderland with white mountain peaks, snow-covered mountain meadows and forests. At a leisurely pace, move forward. Step after step, along well signposted trails, hearing only the sound of snow crunching under your feet, your breathing and the sounds of nature.

At some point, you’ll be looking to take a break. Then, we would recommend you stopover at one of the rustic alpine chalet huts dotted around the area, where you will be spoilt by classic alpine fare and warm beverages which will warm up your cold limbs. In good weather, the panoramic view stretches from the plateau, the peaks of the Tessa Mountain Group to the legendary Dolomites and Ortles area and even the Brenta Group range in Trentino. A unique experience which will long be part of your memories.