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A Perfect idyll.

Avelengo near Merano – a small gem, in a setting of nature in all its splendour.

Even while arriving along winding mountain roads, bordered by deciduous woods and fir tree forests, interspersed by lush, green meadows, you will have just a small foretaste of what awaits you once you reach your destination – Avelengo near Merano. Yes, still more breath-taking natural scenarios and, in fact, so many you will not be able to get your fill of them. In the village with just 750 inhabitants, time will seem to slow down. And where South Tyrol warmth and friendliness is virtually palpable. You will find it has never been so easy to switch off, lie back, breathe deeply and simply let your thoughts and gaze drift.

A special place. With special attributes.

A break with unique features.

A space to retreat to.

Ample space for dreaming and for admiring nature’s spectacles from your window.

Josef’s Rooms & Suites

Magical Merano.

Even Empress Sissi of Austria loved this spa town in the Alps, which still today preserves all its charm.