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From glorious activity to delightful idleness

It’s the best time of year: the summer holidays. A time for you to finally do – or not do! – whatever you like. For once, you can simply do nothing at all and have no regrets about it. Or you can do those things you have little time for in your stressful daily life; for example, sports.
Our Josef Mountain Resort with its breathtaking nature and mountain scenery is made for truly ‘moving’ experiences. Summers here are really something else!
Here, at an altitude of 1,600 m, everyone finds their own particular brand of happiness. Some love to lace up their mountain boots, shoulder their rucksacks and set off on a hike. The conditions are perfect: the mountains are near, the paths start directly at the front door, the cable car’s valley station is just a few steps away. And if you like to move faster and enjoy jogging through the mountains, just bring your workout clothes and explore the countryside at a run. To each his own.
The area is just as perfect for cyclists. Bring your own, or a rent a bike and with a little sweat you can make it up the mountains or – if you’re more inclined to a leisurely pace – delightfully unhurriedly down to the valley. The cable car will bring you back up in next to no time.
Or how about exploring the countryside on horseback? There are many possibilities to do so. It’s not for nothing that Avelengo is home to the famous blonde, four-legged beauties – the Haflinger horses! Comfortably at a walk or a little faster at a gallop, in this fascinating landscape you’ll feel like a real cowboy.

Sooner or later, though, even the most active day is at an end. Then it’s time for a well-earned rest, where your only movements should be those of your eyelids closing as you slowly doze off on the sun lounge by the pool...
Josef Mountain Resort
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