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Additional services
Udvartana 60 minutes
85.00 €
Scrub and detoxifying massage

A natural scrub based on chickpea flour and organic sesame oil that eliminates skin impurities and promotes cell turnover. It decreases localised adiposity, normalises perspiration, stimulates the circulation and reduces cellulite.

Padabhyanga – partial leg massage 60 minutes
85.00 €

A traditional Ayurvedic massage, ideal for heavy legs, relaxing the body and mind.

Shirodara 60 minutes
90.00 €
Treatment of the forehead and head with warm oil

A famous, ancient treatment from the Ayurvedic tradition: warm oil is dripped onto the forehead, providing mind and body with a long-lasting sensation of relaxation and harmony. Its profound effect on the mind and emotions means that this cannot be chosen as a first treatment.

Abhyanga – massage with warm oil 50 minutes
80.00 €

A deeply relaxing massage with precious warm oils to strengthen the immune system and promote the purification of tissues, reducing the effects of stress and rejuvenating the body.

Pinda Othadam 50 minutes
80.00 €
Massage with warm herbal and spice pouches

A full body massage with warm herbal and spice pouches to relieve pain and relax the joints (ideal for arthritis or rheumatism sufferers), with a detoxifying action to produce
a deep sense of warmth and well-being.

Kerala 80 minutes
99.00 €
Complete body treatment with warm oil

Full body treatment with tepid oil individually adapted to your personal type (vata, pitta, kapha) and designed to reestablish harmony between the three doshas. The treatment calms the spirit and nervous system, stimulates detoxification, rejuvenates the tissues, strengthens the muscles and brings relief to rheumatic pain. The goal is the perfect functioning of the bodily organs and the digestive and circulatory systems.


Abhyanga and Shirodara combined 120 minutes
153.00 €

A complete treatment: an Ayurvedic head massage with stimulation of the Marma points (energy centres) located in the head and face. Followed by a full body massage with warm oil.