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Body treatments: Scrubs & Body Packs

Additional services
Sea Salt Peeling with precious oils 20 minutes
35.00 €
Smoothing, moisturising and nourishing scrub for an incredibly soft and supple skin.
Alpine rose Body Scrub 20 minutes
35.00 €

Soft and nourishing scrub with precious essential oils of Alpine rose and Swiss pine.
The extracts of mallow and marigold have a soothing effect to make the skin soft and even.

Rock crystal body scrub 20 minutes
35.00 €
Precious scrub with rock crystal powder and nourishing cream for a soft, radiant skin.
Nourishing body compress with mallow and marigold 25 minutes
35.00 €

The natural extracts of mallow and marigold have a deeply calming and softening effect, enriching the soft cream of this pack that will nourish and soothe even the most sensitive of skins.

Nourishing body wrap with shea butter 25 minutes
35.00 €

Soft natural cream based on shea butter that nourishes the epidermis to produce a feeling of well-being.
The synergy with precious essential oils of rose and jasmine restores the skin’s elasticity, nourishment and radiance.

Arnica and Mountain Pine Pack 25 minutes
35.00 €

The precious active substances of arnica and mountain pine gradually ease muscle stiffness, stimulating the immune system and helping in the production of antioxidants.

South Tyrolean hay bath 30 minutes
39.00 €

Our ancestors were well aware of the beneficial effects of a hay bath.
This treatment stimulates the circulation, strengthens the immune system and relieves deep muscle stiffness.

Mud Pack 30 minutes
39.00 €
A classic treatment for the well-being of the joints, pain relief and effective anti-inflammatory effects.
Alpine mud detox pack 30 minutes
45.00 €

High-quality Alpine mud, rich in trace elements, is the main ingredient of this treatment which produces a deeply detoxifying and purifying effect, perfect for the skin of the back and legs.

COMBO (scrub + pack in Soft Pack) 55 minutes
70.00 €

Alpine rose body scrub & Nourishing body pack with mallow and marigold.
Sea salt body scrub with precious vegetable oils & Nourishing body pack with shea butter.