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Facial Treatments

Age Protect Treatment55 minutes
75.00 €
Phyto stem cells from the alpine rose are the key to maintaining a youthful skin.

These high-alpine active agents provide the epidermis with effective protection against stressful environmental impacts and make the skin more resistant. This treatment comprises cleansing, peeling, active agent concentrate, massage, mask and subsequent skin care.

Hydra Comfort55 minutes
65.00 €

The principal active ingredients of sweet almond combined with the glycerine extract of pineapple, sweet clover and hyaluronic acid moisturize deeply and minimize imperfections due to dehydration caused by environmental or physical factors. For a fresh and vital skin.

Sensitive Protection55 minutes
65.00 €
Sensitive skin reacts to external factors such as cold, heat and smog: this treatment meets the needs of sensitive skin by rebalancing the pH, protecting and strengthening the hydrolypidic film. Skin decongestionates and regains vitality.
Revital Vit55 minutes
75.00 €
Based on a cocktail of revitalising vitamins (A+E) this treatment reactivates microcirculation, combats free radicals and leaves the face luminous and fresh looking.
Rigenera Gold Treatment 55 minutes
85.00 €
Mature skin needs to be toned and revitalized. This treatment, rich in active anti-aging ingredients, exert a powerful revitalising and regenerating action, giving fresh vitality to the skin.
Teenager Treatment 55 minutes
60.00 €
up to 16 years of age

For young skins requiring deep attention: with cleansing, peeling, in-depth cleansing, active agent concentrate, mask and final care for the youthful skin.

Facial cleansing and eyebrow correction 25 minutes
25.00 €
in combination with a treatment

All facial treatments can be combined with in-depth cleansing and eyebrow correction.

"Progetto Zero" Massage10 minutes
20.00 €
In combination with a facial treatment

Far infrared rays (FIR) are used to stimulate perfusion of the skin and lymphatic system. That improves the structure of the skin, reduces stress and fatigue symptoms and stimulates detoxification.

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