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Oriental massages & Ayurveda

Foot Reflexology45 minutes
65.00 €
The surface of our feet reflect the state of our whole body. Stimulating specific reflex points rebalancesthe body‘s energy and relieves emotional blockages.
Hot Stone Massage70 minutes
99.00 €
Doubly effective, combining manual massage with the heated volcanic stones.Relieves muscle tension and is profoundly reinvigorating.
Shiatsu50 minutes
90.00 €

Shiatsu is a form of oriental massage based on ideas of traditional Chinese medicine. Finger pressure and stretching techniques are employed to stimulate the network of meridians for positive effects on the body’s energy system. The objective of the massage is to enable the body’s energy Ki or life energy to flow freely again.

Thai-Stretching 80 minutes
110.00 €

This treatment involves healthy stretching for the muscles for greater freedom of movement of the joints. The result is a feeling of lightness and enhanced flexibility. Ideal for persons with rigid postures and stiff joints or tension in the body.

Abhyanga Massage50 minutes
80.00 €
A deeply relaxing massage with precious oils to strengthen the body’s immune system, stimulate detoxification, reduce symptoms of stress and rejuvenate the whole body.
Pinda Othadam50 minutes
80.00 €

Full body massage with warm bags of herbs and spices for relief from pain and improved mobility of the joints (in arthrosis and rheumatism sufferers). The massage has detoxifying effects and generates a pleasant warmth and relaxation in the body.

Kerala80 minutes
99.00 €

Full body treatment with tepid oil individually adapted to your personal type (vata, pitta, kapha) and designed to reestablish harmony between the three doshas. The treatment calms the spirit and nervous system, stimulates detoxification, rejuvenates the tissues, strengthens the muscles and brings relief to rheumatic pain. The goal is the perfect functioning of the bodily organs and the digestive and circulatory systems.


Udvartana 50 minutes
80.00 €
Peeling and detoxifying massage

A mixture of chickpea flour and organic sesame oil is used to eliminate impurities in the skin and stimulate the metabolism. Udvartana dissolves fatty tissue, improves the structure of the skin, normalises perspiration, improves the blood circulation and helps reduce cellulite.

"Indian Dream" Package
193.00 €

1 Udvartana, 50 min.

1 Kerala, 80 min. 

1 Face and head massage, 20 min. 

including a cup of Ayurvedic herbal tea

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