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Times that will warm your heart.

Sweat it out in a natural and healthy way in the sauna.

At the Josef Mountain Resort, you will discover the sauna ritual in a completely new way. You will never lose sight of the mountains and forest all round outside. In the Finnish sauna, the Bio Vitarium and the steam bath, heat flows from the outside inwards, penetrating the core of your being, where a sensation grows that could not be more therapeutic.

Forest Sauna in the woods

The Forest Sauna at the Josef Mountain Resort - always worth a visit!

Come to discover our little corner of paradise, a Spa nestled in the green of the forest, where you can regenerate your body and mind.

Finnish sauna

This sauna is effective with alternating hot and cold and a pleasantly dry atmosphere at a temperature of about 90°C-100°C. The dry heat promotes ...

Bio Vitarium

Relax, heat up, at the same time, reaping benefits for health. You can do this in our 60°C organic sauna. Primarily for those who do not like the ...

Steam bath

Especially your skin and respiratory system will thank you, for making more than one visit to our steam bath. Temperatures are around 50°C and ...