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Just the forest. And you. Alone.

Be one with nature. At the wellness spa near Merano.

Stopping and staying still. No more hectic rushing. Having time all for yourself. Directing your thoughts inwards. Sensing you are revitalised. Sensing the power of nature with all your senses. At the Josef Forest Spa, energies are released, which perhaps you did not know you had or believed you had dissipated. Gaining new vitality, which will remain with you after your vacation, too. The Josef Wellness Spa promises all this. Here, the sauna area, water world, wellness treatments and garden landscape form a harmonious unison, which can only otherwise be sensed in an outdoor, natural habitat. In this way, your wellness vacation near Merano will become your own private source of strength for enjoying life to the full.

A special place. With special attributes.

A break with unique features.

A space to retreat to.

Ample space for dreaming and for admiring nature’s spectacles from your window.

Josef’s Rooms & Suites

Soothing saunas.

Taking a sauna with a forest and mountain view. A pleasure you cannot afford to miss.

Natural Spa treatments.

You will find the natural alpine forest gifts once again recreated in the Bergila and Piroche Natural ranges for ...